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“Totally Thames” the new month-long celebration of London's river saw a host of exciting events come to the river and its banks. The month was bookended by river spectacles, with Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta in early September (see front cover) and the Thames’ river marathon, the Great River Race (see below), at the end of the month.

Running through the month was the Source to Sea River Relay where a single bottle of water filled at the .


source of the Thames was carried by walkers, swimmers, rowers, and a PLA launch through the capital, and out to sea. When it was our turn we collected the bottle from the Environment Agency Thames Barrier Visitors Centre and transported it to Erith Yacht Club, where it was taken into the custody of Bexley Council.

Totally Thames was organised by the Thames Festival Trust and aimed at putting the focus on the 42-mile stretch of the river through London.


Described by many as ‘London’s other Marathon’, the Great River Race is London's most colourful and spectacular river event. Each year contestants compete in a 22-mile race between Millwall and Richmond to find the UK Traditional Boat Champions. Up to 300 traditional boats, from wherries to war canoes, and from Cornish gigs to watermen’s cutters, take part. The contestants come from across the world, many just for fun in fancy dress, and other more serious racing types determined to win.

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