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A major recovery programme is underway to record the remains of the wreck, London, after it was discovered that the 17th-century vessel is deteriorating quickly due to the warmer waters caused by climate change.

The 37-metre-long by 12-metre-wide vessel has lain in the muddy silt of the Thames estuary for 350 years. It had been in a convoy that transported Charles II from the Netherlands to restore him


to his throne after Oliver Cromwell's
death in 1658. Her remains are now a
time capsule of the 17th century.

The PLA is working with the dive team,
providing permits for their dives and
making broadcasts to passing traffic to
alert them to the divers’ presence.

The National Geographic exploration ship, the 112-metre-long NG Explorer, visited London recently and became the largest vessel to use the newly-extended Georges Stairs Tier, just downstream from Tower Bridge.


The PLA-owned tier has been extended
to accommodate larger super yachts and ships of Explorer’s length. Within days
of NG Explorer departing, a super yacht
was using the tier.


With summer upon us, the Thames events season is now well underway. Already in the books this year are the Tudor Pull and Admiral of the Port Challenge and TOW Barge Race. Next up in very rapid succession are:
• Doggetts Coat & Badge – 15 July
• Port of London Challenge – 24 July


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